Women's Cut  $66+

Men's Cut    $35+

Blowouts  $35+

Special Occasion Hair  $65+

Fringe & Clean-up  $10+

(Complimentary for clients)


Colour   $75+ 

Highlights  $85​+

Bleach Tone  $100+

Colour Corrections....upon consultation

Great Lengths Hair Extensions

Great Lengths human hair extensions by consultation.  

Extension Removal  $100/hr

Lash Extensions and Make-up Application

Make-up by Laura  

Make-up Application     $60+

Brow Shape                    $18

Brow Tint                         $18

Brow Shape and Tint   $30

Lashes by Phoebe

Full Classic Set  $115

Fill                      $80

Half Fill               $30

Russian Volume Set $145

Fill                             $75

Texture and Treatments

Reconditioning Hair Treatment       $25+

Keratin Smoothing Treatment          $200+

(helps to combat frizzy, unruly hair.)

Olaplex                                                      $30 

Perms                                                             $85+

Japanese Hair Straightening              $400+  (Permanent straightening system.  Consultations are recommended.)